Plant mass balance for performance improvement

Complete dry recycleable MRF plant performance testing to identify opportunities for improvements.


National MRF operator


  • Client lacked mass balance data and was unable to calculate separation efficiencies of MRF equipment
  • Client wanted to know of any equipment underperformance and process flow efficiencies and understand where improvements could be made

Axion solution:

  • Planned, managed and carried out a complete mass balance of the process
  • Applied careful and innovative sampling and measurement techniques to obtain data from complex processes
  • Calculated separation efficiencies of all equipment using data obtained via compositional analysis on all products and the sampled intermediate streams
  • Built interactive mass balance tool to process the data and the separation efficiencies, designed so that the feed composition could be changed and process outputs estimated using existing efficiencies
  • Made recommendations on how to improve the yield and quality of products through equipment optimisation and modified process flows


  • Client now understands separation efficiencies of all plant equipment
  • Client now has an interactive mass balance tool they can use as part of ongoing plant performance management
  • An opportunity to build in a recycle loop was identified, with the financial benefit presented to the client