Voluntary producer responsibility

Working with industry partners, we set up and run specialist collection schemes that drive up recycling rates for targeted waste streams. We have proven expertise in setting up schemes involving hard-to-recycle waste and at engaging difficult-to-reach customer and supply chain audiences.

Specialist collection schemes

By setting up a scheme for your industry sector, we can help grow the sector’s green credentials, so supporting CSR objectives and delivering valuable business benefits. Whether selling to concerned consumers or tendering for contracts where recycling is a key specification, a recycling programme gives scheme members a competitive advantage. And where disposal costs are a burden on the business, recycling can give significant savings.

Our specialist collection team includes marketing and communications professionals with specific waste sector experience as well as recycling industry experts with an in-depth knowledge of collection scheme practicalities and logistics. Technical input around processing options comes from our experienced in-house engineers.

The team’s services include:

Specialist waste collection feasibility studies

We can conduct a comprehensive feasibility study to explore the nature of a particular waste problem, and assess proposed collection scheme solutions. Reports include practical information about collection options, cost models, and potential recycling outlets. We can also include detailed market research to find out what customers and industry partners would want from a scheme and whether they would be likely to come on board.

Proof of concept trials for waste collection schemes

Where an idea shows promise, you can ask us to set up and run proof-of-concept trials. Activities include everything from sorting out logistics through to promoting the scheme to a targeted customer base and on to analysing the results and making recommendations. For technical trials, our engineers provide a wide variety of lab services.

Setting up new specialist waste collections

Once you’ve decided to go ahead with a scheme, we make it happen: setting up the logistics network, managing the flow of waste materials, and marketing the scheme to customers and supply chain partners.

Managing collection schemes

For a collection scheme to succeed takes ongoing work. We co-ordinate the collection process, take care of administration, engage with the target audience, talk to the supply chain – and make sure any bins get emptied! Monthly reports keep you in the loop.

Marketing and promotion of specialist waste collection schemes

Targeted marketing is critical in reaching enough customers to make the operation viable. We know what it takes to get the word out there and how to create messages that change behaviour. Our marketing services include market research, communications campaigns, social media and specialist events.

Supply chain management

Our work with manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and contractors to make sure they each understand what they need to do to make the scheme successful. We can run stakeholder consultations, provide training, and act as a central support team.

Co-ordinating industry groups

We manage a number of sector-wide industry groups/producer responsibility schemes and understand the sensitivities involved. Ask us to look after your group, and we’ll help create an environment where competitors are comfortable working together for mutual benefit. See Industry and consumer engagement for more about how we can help you engage with stakeholders or run an industry group.

Current specialist collection schemes

We’re currently running three specialist UK collection schemes on behalf of industry partners, delivering continuous improvement and growth for each.