Recycled aggregates

Axion recycled aggregates are a clean, low cost aggregate material with carefully-controlled particle sizes. A recovered by-product from our process to extract and recycle materials from vehicle shredder residue, our aggregates are a greener alternative to quarried building products. Axion aggregates are suitable for a wide range of civil engineering applications including embankments, trench-fill materials, and capping and sub-bases for paving areas.

Recycled aggregates

Benefits include:

  • No aggregate tax
  • Carbon savings over mined aggregates
  • Help to meet recycled materials requirements in construction projects
  • Budget pricing
  • Regular particle size, consistent between batches
  • Low dust content
  • Stock located in central Manchester – low transport cost to local urban sites
  • Large volumes available – secure and reliable supply


We have three aggregate grades on offer, plus a plastic chip aggregate option. All are available for delivery in bulk loads.

Recycled mineral-rich fines <5mm

Axion Mineral-Rich Fines is a free-flowing mineral-rich, sand-like material with a sub 5mm particle size. It contains small stones, glass and iron oxide with low levels of elastomers, polymers, wood and fluff with a small percentage of minor contaminants including mixed metals.

It is useful for applications such as block making for the construction sector, hydraulically bound substrate for use underneath or as a base for pathways and tracks, and for trench fill.

Recycled coarse aggregate 3-10mm – AGG01

Axion AGG01 is a recycled aggregate with 98% of the mass having a particle size of between 3 -10mm. It has good drainage properties and contains largely stone and glass, with less than 20% plastics and rubber and less than 1% metals.

Recycled coarse aggregate >20mm – AGG03

Axion AGG03 is recycled aggregate with 95% of the mass having a particle size of between 20-100mm. It has good drainage properties and contains over 90% stone and glass, with small proportions of plastics, elastomers and metals.