Axion: a little background

Axion is an engineering-led company operating in the resource recovery sector. We’re committed to putting science to work to find new ways to minimise waste and recover value from materials at end of first life.

The business was first launched in 2002 as a recycling sector technical consulting firm. Since those early start-up days, we’ve come a long way.

Not only have we grown our consultancy services, we also now run our own sorting and reprocessing plants, producing a range of high quality polymers with recycled aggregates and alternative fuels as by-products of the process.

Along the way, we have built up a team of knowledgeable and enthusiastic engineers, technicians and project managers who now work with customers across the globe.

The experience of developing our own plants and products as well as providing consultancy services gives us an unrivalled breadth of technical, commercial and market knowledge and expertise. We’re able to contribute to both the detail and the bigger picture, and to add the greatest possible value to customer projects.

Our timeline


Company launched as a technical consulting firm in the recycling sector.


We bought our first factory, having proven via in-house R&D that we could sort and separate the plastics found in Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). The factory – in Salford – was already operating as a polymer compounding business. We designed and built a new ‘front-end’ waste plastics sorting process, producing pure recycled plastic chips for feeding into the existing on-site extruders.


We commissioned our first SWAPP plant, in Trafford Park, Manchester. The ambitious SWAPP 1 plant was designed to sort and separate the much more difficult-to-deal-with automotive shredder residue waste stream.


The commissioning of SWAPP 2, on the same site, enabling us to further purify the mixed automotive plastic MAP 10. MAP10 now represents 90% of the infeed volume to our Salford factory.

2013 – 2016

Further process improvements across both plants to build volume and improve product quality, resulting in our recycled plastics consistently meeting the highest European specifications.