Solid recovered fuels

Axfuel® high calorific value (CV) solid recovered fuels (SRF) are a key product of our materials sorting and plastics recycling operations and provide a direct alternative to high CO2 feedstocks. Fully processed, technically separated and with controlled particle-size, our fuels give a consistent and sustainable energy source with low carbon impact.

Axfuel® SRF satisfies stringent customer technical requirements, and is ideal as alternative fuel for the cement industry and for other sectors needing a greener high-CV fuel for energy generation or thermal processes.

Products are available for bulk delivery bulk loads of 20-26 tonnes across the UK and into mainland Europe.

Benefits include:

  • Direct substitution of high CO2 feedstocks at lower cost
  • Sustainable source of alternative fuel, using ‘above ground mine’ of end-of-life vehicles and waste electrical equipment.
  • Stable, controlled physical and chemical properties, monitored by our on-site QA team
  • Low dust in mechanical transport
  • Predictable and reliable source of supply, with large quantities of SRF30 produced daily
  • Contribution to industry carbon footprint reduction targets
  • Short distance, UK-based supply chain


We supply two SRF products suitable for industrial furnaces: Axfuel® SRF30, and Axfuel® High CV Polychip.

Axfuel® SRF30 is our main high-volume fuel and comes from our advanced materials sorting facility. Axfuel® High CV Polychip is a by-product from our polymer recycling factory.

Axfuel® SRF30

Axfuel® SRF30 is a sub-30mm sized ‘flock product’ containing largely textiles, fibre-fluff, plastic, foam and rubber with small amounts of wood, paper and other minor components. It has a net CV of 15-20 MJ/Kg and is suitable for screw feed or conveyor feed processes.

Axfuel® High CV Polychip

Axfuel® High CV Polychip is a free-flowing high CV fuel with very low moisture, chlorine and ash content. Easy to handle, it is suitable for use in bulk storage, handling and transport systems supplying main burner infeed in cement kilns and similar combustion plants. It can be used alone or as a CV booster to improve the performance of a low CV refuse derived fuel (RDF).

We offer two grades, Grade A and Grade B. For the highest energy content, choose Grade A. Grade A has a net CV of 35-45 MJ/kg; a similar value to powdered petcoke fuel. It contains a mix of the common polymer types found in automotive and electrical goods plus trace levels of residual wood, foam and textiles. Grade B has a lower calorific value, containing largely wood, rubber, textiles and fluff, plus a small percentage of plastics.