Axplas® recycled mixed engineering plastic chips

Axplas® styrene-rich MEP chips are clean general-purpose plastic granules. Washed, dried and de-dusted, the chips are free from metals and other unwanted contaminants. Axplas® works well as a filler for a wide range of industrial products, including bases for signs and road cones. It’s also being used as a replacement for stone aggregates, and even for drainage in golf bunkers.

Axplas recycled mixed engineering plastic chips

Each Axplas® grade contains a known mix of similar engineering plastics with regular particle sizes and a measured composition of each polymer type. A typical mix contains PS, ABS and PP-TF plus minor fractions of other technical plastics (PC, PA, SAN), wood and trace levels of elastomers.

The mass fraction of each individual polymer type can vary from batch to batch but within a known percentage range.

Key facts

Product form

Free-flowing, irregular shaped chips of chopped, granulated plastic wth a particle size range of 5 to 10mm.


Smaller quantities normally available from stock and delivered within 2-3 days (UK). Larger quantities can be available from stock, but mix and composition will be variable in relation to our primary product operations. Please contact us for up to date stock information.


1 tonne polyester big bags on a pallet, 25 kilo valve sacks stacked up to 40 on a pallet (by special arrangement). Can be loaded onto a bulk shipping vehicle for silo deliveries.


Axplas® MEP chips are a by-product of our plastics sorting and reprocessing operations. The plastic is recovered from the non-metallic waste fraction which arises from end-of-life vehicle (ELV) and WEEE treatment plants. All batches are traceable back to the origin of the raw material as part of our closed loop resource recovery process.


The grades of this by-product are variable according to our production plan and processing operations. Please contact us with your requirements so we can match your needs to our existing stock availability. For an indication of the approximate composition and typical mix of materials within Axplas® MEP, please see the following example grades:

Axplas® MEP52 - Styrenic plastics including a PP-TF mixture

Axplas® MEP52 grades are clean, styrene-rich mixtures with a lower level of filled polypropylene in the blend.  They are suitable for a range of applications including feedstock material for mechanical separation of PS and ABS, blending agents or fillers for mixed plastics products, and the manufacture of plastic ‘wood’ panels, sheets and boards.

Axplas® MEP52 0087 is just one example of several grades available.

Axplas® MEP54 - Heavy plastics and elastomer mix

Our MEP54 group of mixed plastic chip products are derived from the heavier fractions of our separation process. The main plastic types in the mixture include ABS, HIPS, PCABS and some PA (Nylon) plus mineral filled PP, as well as significant amounts of rubber and elastomers separated from the ELV and WEEE  waste raw infeed streams. There are minor amounts of wood and fluff in the material mix and moisture can be up to 5% by mass. Axplas® has been used in heavy bases for road cones and signage products and as a general purpose filler in solid 3D shaped items for construction use. The particle size of the chips is slightly larger at 8 to 15mm.

Axplas® MEP54 0000 is an example of several grades available.