Axion are leaders in the resource recovery sector

We’re on a mission to protect finite resources and reduce landfill by developing and supporting circular economy initiatives that provide a viable alternative to the ‘take, make, dispose’ model. Our goal is a future where products stay in use for as long as possible and where resource recovery and re-use become the default options.

Our track record is proven, and unique.

We run our own multimillion pound advanced sorting and reprocessing plants, sell both the products and by-products of the process, and share our engineering and business expertise through a range of consultancy and practical support services.

As a result, we’ve become widely recognised as experts in developing innovative resource recovery technologies, process plants and business models that deliver both financial and environmental benefits.

Our products

We sell high quality polymer, aggregate and solid recovered fuel materials, produced from our own processing plants here in Manchester. Order from Axion, and you support sustainability goals, increase added value, and reap the benefits of a short, reliable UK supply chain.

Our services

Our technical and commercial advice and hands-on support services cover every stage of the circular economy. Providing invaluable sector expertise, we help resource recovery business teams, investors and engineers set up and run profitable, compliant businesses, research new technologies, and improve plant productivity. We also work with professionals from brands and industry sectors wanting to discover how to design for sustainability, increase product recycling opportunities, or both.