Recycled plastics

We produce a range of highly-specified recycled plastics that match virgin polymer in performance, and deliver better value. Our polymer products derive from carefully-segregated and controlled waste material streams originating from end-of-life vehicles and waste electrical goods. All materials re-processing takes place on our own plants here in the UK, under the control of Axion’s skilled operating and quality assurance team.

Axion recycled plastics

Our plastics are well-proven substitutes for virgin polymers in applications ranging from consumer electronics to motor vehicle parts and construction products. Tightly-controlled production processes ensure products have consistent and reliable physical properties and can meet demanding customer requirements. We offer a range of standard grades, and also develop custom compounds for specific applications.

Choose Axpoly® and you get:

Proven quality

Customer feedback confirms that end products are ‘as good as virgin’ in areas including dimensional stability, surface finish and price per mould impression. We maintain consistent quality and stable batch-to-batch blends, because we have a single feedstock source and a high volume throughput. We also have control of the whole operation from origin of waste to finished product, and implement rigorous statistical process control throughout. Thorough pellet drying, indoor storage and careful handling during shipping keep moisture content very low. Manufacturing processes follow strict ISO9001 quality procedures, and each production batch is REACH-ready, RoHs compliant, and traceable back to the origin of the raw material.

Competitive pricing and a secure supply

Axion polymers give better value than equivalent virgin plastic, and our Manchester factory base means UK moulders are free from worries about currency fluctuations or trade tariffs. Unlike virgin polymer prices, our product prices aren’t affected by the volatile global oil market. On top of this, our waste raw-material supply is secure – with over 32 million vehicles packed onto the UK’s roads, a constant flow of incoming feedstock is guaranteed.

Environmental gains

With every tonne of Axion’s Axpoly® plastic you buy to replace virgin, you’re keeping a tonne of plastic out of landfill. You’re also cutting your carbon footprint, because our mechanical processes require far less energy than the chemical processes used to produce oil-based virgin polymer. Across our plastics product range, CO2 savings measured are between 73% and 89%. Buy a tonne of Axpoly ABS, for example, and you prevent 3.4 tonnes of CO2 being released into the atmosphere. That’s a saving equal to the carbon footprint of driving a 44-tonne lorry nearly two times around the world.

Strong technical back up

Any queries or problems, and you speak directly to a member of our experienced technical team. Based at our Salford polymer refinery, the team have first-hand practical knowledge of our processes and products plus access to our onsite Q.C. laboratory where they can run up to 10 different physical property tests. They’ll work with you to match the right formulation to each application, are happy to visit sites for moulding trials, and can fix any issues fast.

Convenient UK base

Orders are shipped direct from our Manchester plant and can be anywhere in the UK within 24 hours or NW Europe in 2 days. If you need support on the ground, we can be with you fast. And if you want to see operations first hand, you’ll find us just off the M60.

A marketing edge for your product

Move to low-carbon, recycled raw materials, make sustainability part of your sales message, and you have a great opportunity to draw concerned customers away from competitors still using traditional virgin petrochemical feedstocks.

Recycled polymer products

The Axion Polymers recycled plastics range includes both general purpose resins and high quality engineering polymers.

Our Axpoly® product brand-name is used for all our extruded pellet resin compounds.

Our mixed plastic granulated chips are sold under the Axplas® brand name.

We can modify any product to suit individual customer requirements, using the compounding and materials testing equipment in our in-house product development lab. All products come with full material safety data sheets and detailed product specification documents.