Axpoly® recycled polystyrene pellets

We supply a range of 100% recycled, fully traceable, high impact polystyrene (HIPS) grades suitable for use in both injection moulding and sheet extrusion applications.

Highly consistent and reliable properties make our polystyrenes the primary choice for a number of leading manufacturers.

Main user benefits

  • Post-consumer recycled material
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Traceable origin
  • Secure feedstock supply
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Stable, low prices
  • As good as virgin
  • Consistent, high quality

Key facts for buyers

Polymer format

Axpoly® recycled polystyrene is an extruded compound made with chopped, strand pelletizer to yield regular cylindrical pellets of approximately 3mm x 2 mm.

Packaging formats

  1. Standard format
    Woven polyester ‘big bags’ with fork lift carry loops and internal stabilising panels, mounted on a strong pallet base for reliable transport by road haulage or container shipment. Nominal 1 tonne capacity, varies with polymers type and density.g.
  2. Bulk tanker
    Up to 25 tonnes delivered in road tanker fitted with pneumatic unloading fan and pipework. For shipment into silos. Available on request

Stock availability

Axpoly® polystrene grades are made to order. Forward orders can be scheduled for guaranteed availability and fixed pricing. Check with our Sales Order team on +44 161 426 7731 or email

Polymer properties

All our standard grades have stable and consistent properties controlled under our ISO9001 processing system. Please see individual product information sheets for the defined properties of each grade.


We provide both standard and custom grades. We will work with you to identify exactly the right formulation for the intended application.

PS52 1044

Axpoly PS52 1044 is a polystyrene-rich injection moulding compound made with 100% recycled polymer.