Sustainable product design

We work with product designers to help them design products that minimise environmental impact across the full product life cycle.

Whatever your product – food packaging, consumer electronics, or anything in between – we can explore options for designs that:

  • Use more sustainable materials
  • Last longer
  • Reduce waste during manufacture, shipping and use
  • Can be re-used
  • Give viable recycling opportunities at end-of-life

You’ll get innovative ideas for improving the green credentials of the specific product, plus an understanding of how to adopt the principles of sustainable design across other product ranges.

Making the business case for sustainable product design

With increasing demand for products that use resources carefully, can be recycled, and (where relevant) have a longer lifespan, we can help you make the case for sustainable product design in your business.

Our team combine knowledge from our own operations with experience gained working alongside major international companies. They bring technical expertise in raw materials plus an understanding of supply chains, manufacturing processes, collection and recycling infrastructure, and materials separation.  They will work with you to find cost effective, practical approaches that make sense for both your business and for the environment.