Recyclability assessments

Axion’s experienced team can assess the composition of products, materials, and waste streams, consider recycling opportunities, and suggest new possibilities.

Recycleability assessments

Recycling is more than an environmental issue. It’s a business one too. As sustainability concerns grow, factors such as recycleability are increasingly influencing buying decisions.

But it’s not simple to establish whether a product or material can be considered as recycleable. Even if the materials themselves can technically be recycled, does the infrastructure exist to make recycling a practical approach? And what are the economics of any potential options?

Recyclability assessment services

In assessing your options, we can:

  • Carry out laboratory testing to see if products and materials have the potential to produce a useable secondary raw material
  • Carry out compositional analysis of waste streams and by-products to identify what materials you’re dealing with
  • Explore where there might be a financial value in materials at end-of-life or an approach to recycling that will cut disposal costs
  • Advise on structures currently in place for recovering and recycling the particular product or material (if there’s no existing collection structure, our specialist collections team can design and create one for you)
  • Provide information on potential outlets for secondary raw materials

Our own materials separation and reprocessing plants give us direct, up-to-date knowledge of the UK’s rapidly-changing recycling infrastructure, and our engineers keep on top of technical developments.

Ask us to look at your products, and you’ll get a report that gives clear information on what’s possible, what’s practical, and what’s viable. If there’s an effective way to recycle your product or material, we’ll find it. And if there isn’t, all is not lost. Design changes via designing for sustainability could solve the problem.