Packaging design for recycling

We work with clients at every stage in the packaging product life cycle to optimise packaging for today’s recycling infrastructure.

Increasingly, customers want to be able to recycle packaging rather than sending it to landfill via the general refuse bin. With ever-wider recognition of the environmental harm packaging is causing, businesses can no longer afford to ignore the issue.
Supporting designers, printers and converters, brands, retailers, waste collectors and recyclers, we help design packaging for maximum end-of-life value.

Our service includes:

  • Defining and measuring packaging components plus key requirements and characteristics
  • Analysing what happens to the packaging at end of life, and how the pack design affects how people treat it
  • Identifying the characteristics of the pack design that reduce end of life value, and recommending practical alternatives
  • Bespoke training seminars on waste management in the UK and Europe

You can ask us either to evaluate existing packaging, or for input on new designs. The earlier in the design process you bring us in, the more value we can add.

Putting end-of-life value at the heart of the design process

To maximise recycling potential, we put end-of-life value at the heart of the design process. Typically, this means changing the type and mix of materials used in a way that makes recycling easier and more economically viable. Importantly, we understand that to be successful, recyclable packaging can’t be a compromise. New designs must continue to be cost-effective, look good and address the practical problems involved in protecting, transporting and storing the product.

Straightforward advice and recommendations

Our experienced engineers combine materials science expertise with an understanding of the processes involved in producing quality recyclate for the UK plastics industry. With their straightforward advice and recommendations, you can create smarter packaging designs that minimise waste and keep materials out of landfill.