Environmental policy

Axion develops innovative processing solutions for managing waste materials, supporting the implementation of sustainable business solutions at both strategic and operational levels.  We are committed to delivering quality services, which meet the needs of our clients and recognise our responsibilities to protect and care for the environment.

Environmental policy

We are committed to the continual improvement of our own environmental performance.

Our goals

We will take all reasonable and practicable measures to adopt environmental best practice. In particular, we will:

  • Comply with relevant environmental legislation and codes of practice as a minimum;
  • Identify opportunities to prevent pollution and progressively make all attempts to reduce our consumption of raw materials, water and energy;
  • Promote waste reduction, re-use and recycling;
  • Identify opportunities to reduce impacts associated with travel, through minimising the requirement for travel, encouraging improved travel planning and promoting sustainable transport options;
  • Work towards excellence in environmental management in partnership with our clients and suppliers;
  • Measure our performance and set targets towards continual improvement via our EMS;
  • Communicate this Environmental Policy and relevant environmental initiatives to our staff, clients and other stakeholders, encouraging them to participate; and
  • Support the development of our staff by communicating the benefits of environmental protection and communicating techniques and requirements for environmental management.

This Environmental Policy will be reviewed annually to ensure its continuing suitability and effectiveness, and to ensure that it remains appropriate to the nature and scale of our activities and resulting environmental impacts.