Lab scale process development

If you want to develop new processes using a waste or by-product stream with a difficult mix of materials, we can work with you to establish whether ideas are technically and economically viable.

Lab scale process development

Using an extensive range of processing and testing equipment, we can develop and test novel recycling processes at lab scale prior to investment in pilot scale processes.

Our grounding in the real world of processing, gained through the operation of our own facility, means that alongside researching the technical options, we’re also focused on key practical considerations:

  • Can the process be scaled up safely and reliably?
  • Is it likely to be commercially viable?
  • Will it meet environmental targets?

We evaluate projects at every stage, looking to find approaches that will both succeed in the lab and translate into a sound business proposition.

We love a challenge and we’re open to ideas. Previous lab research projects include looking at how to extract complex polymeric membranes from fuel cells, remove ink from flexible packaging, and recover high-value metal alloys from manufacturing waste.

Polymer recycling processes –  from lab-scale to pilot 

Our experienced polymer technologists can duplicate plastics recycling processes from raw material separation through to injection moulding of finished polymer resin. This allows you to pre-test potential new sources of polymer feedstocks before investing time, money and effort in full scale production trials.

Once you have confidence in your idea, we can assist with specifying, commissioning, and operating pilot-scale equipment to further validate the process. We have contacts with all the major European recycling machinery suppliers, and can oversee unbiased equipment trials on your behalf. For more about equipment and process optimisation, see engineering and process optimisation.