Compositional analysis

Our knowledgeable team can provide compositional analysis that gives you a detailed breakdown of the materials within any waste or process stream or process feedstock. We can carry out both on site hands-on analysis and lab-based testing.

Typical compositional analysis projects include:

  • Household dry mixed recyclables
  • Residual black bin bag waste
  • Commercial and industrial waste
  • Construction and demolition waste
  • Waste electronic and electrical equipment (WEEE)
  • Food waste (Back of store)
  • Mechanical biological treatment (MBT) and materials recycling facilities (MRF) streams
  • Medical waste

Whether you’re looking to identify value within the waste stream, design or improve processes, assess collection services or understand consumer behaviour, the starting point is to understand exactly what materials you’re dealing with.

Detailed analysis

You’ll get a level of analysis that gives you the detail you need for making next-step decisions. When we’re hand-sorting, for example, we always sort plastics into sub-categories linked to recycleability rather than grouping diverse plastic materials together into broad category types. And within our lab, we’re able to run over 20 separate physical property tests on polymeric materials plus a range of compositional analyses, so you can be sure of the exact composition of each material.

Meaningful results

Unless samples are representative, it’s easy to spend time and money on analysis but end up with data that’s too variable to be of any use. We’ve therefore developed a range of techniques to make sure our results are statistically robust and meaningful.

These techniques include methods of sample collection and decisions on sample size specific to each material type and to the average weight of individual items. We can also check for accuracy and reliability on the spot using our own specially-developed portable software tool.

As a result, you can be confident that the information we provide gives you a sound basis for decision making.

Recyclability assessments

Once you know what’s in your waste stream, we can explore the potential recycleability of any specific materials through a recyclability assessment.